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Innovative and easy-to-use cloth nappy. Patented leakproof system. Best comfort for your baby.


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A washable nappy that is easy to use & effective against leaks

The Hamac nappy is THE eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for baby changing: 1 tonne less waste per child, and half the budget of disposable nappies.

Thanks to its patented leakproof system, the Hamac nappy is efficient, thin and easy to use.
Elle est aujourd’hui utilisée en France par plus de 150 crèches et maternités.

Just insert the absorbent into the Hamac pouch, then place a flushable liner on top...the nappy is ready! When changing your baby, throw away the liner if soiled (otherwise it can be washed!), put the absorbent in the washing machine (dry storage), the nappy can be washed or reused.

To enhance absorption at night, you can use a special night absorbent, or add a single layer absorbent, or "booster" over the standard absorbent.

Elle peut être utilisée dès la naissance, et c’est même hautement recommandé ! 😉

Les explications détaillées ci-dessous en vidéo. D’autres questions ? Rendez-vous sur la FAQ !






Here is a size graph that will allow you to choose the most suitable size for your child.

If you doubt between two sizes, take the larger one, your child will wear it for longer.
When you receive your products, remember to try the diapers on your child before washing them. This is essential in order to be able to return the diaper to us for exchange. If the diapers have been washed, we will not be able to exchange them.

If your child's weight is close to the upper tier, we recommend that you take the tallest size. Example: your baby weighs 8kg, you can take size L (9-17 kg) to optimise the duration of use.



A cloth nappy made of breathable microfibre that dries very quickly.

The cloth nappy is made out of Meryl® microfibre. It helps keep moisture away from baby, speeds up the drying process and helps keep baby's skin warm.

The Hamac® pouch is made out of breathable and waterproof polyurethane.


A healthy baby cloth nappy without chemicals that can harm baby's skin

All fabrics from Hamac products are Oeko Tex 100 Class I certified, without any harmful and toxic substances for your baby.

The absorbents are made of organic cotton (Gots and Oeko Tex 100 class I certified).

Made in France



Dry storage, in a wet bag or in a bin. Do not soak in water or detergents before washing.
Machine washable at 40°C/100°F. The tumble dryer should not be used because it wears out the fabrics faster. Do not iron.

Tip! The hook-and-loop laundry tabs fold back on themselves during washing so as not to damage the rest of the laundry. You can also wash the "closed" nappy to prevent the hook-and-loop laundry tabs from sticking in the machine.

Important to remember: Do not use products containing alcohol, solvents, disinfectants, softeners, greasy products, bleach or abrasives (e.g. bleach or chlorine); they damage the pouch and may make it permeable.

In particular, prohibit all detergents containing bleaching agents, optical brighteners, polycarboxylate, and more than 5% perfume.
We advise you to use Smarty Nappy Washing Powder or L'Arbre Vert Ecological Washing Powder for sensitive skin.



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