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Why rent cloth diapers?


You are tempted by using cloth diapers but you are lost in the countless choices of existing diapers?

You ask yourself thousands of questions: How does it work? How do you find your way through all these different systems? What are the most practical types of diapers? What are the best absorbent textiles ? What are the materials that respect my baby's sensitive skin ?  Is it easy to maintain ?

At SMARTY NAPPY, we select for you the best diapers, we create adapted kits and offer them exclusively in Mauritius, through rental or sale.

Renting cloth diapers allows you to test them before buying, or to use them without having to invest for the period of your choice.

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How does the rental programme work at Smarty Nappy?


Book your rental kits directly on the e-shop.

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Our rental kits options



Discovery for Newborn

1 month 



1 month



Without commitment



Boosters & inserts 

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What do our rental kits include


  • Oeko Tex certified Hamac diapers
  • Oeko Tex certified organic cotton inserts
  • Oeko Tex certified organic cotton night boosters
  • Hamac biodegradable liners
  • A Smarty Nappy hanging wetbag
  • A large Smarty Nappy laundry netbag
  • Our Smarty Nappy laundry powder for cloth diapers
  • A guide to use cloth diapers
  • A guide to washing and maintaining cloth diapers


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A few tips


We give you below a few tips before you start or during your rental period. This is not exhaustive, you can also find some advice in our Blog, during video calls, or in our FAQ.


  • Adopting cloth diapers as soon as you return from maternity means adopting the right gestures and developing good habits right from the start.
  • Please note that we offer diapers from size XS, for very small babies under 3 kg.
  • The number of diapers in the kits has been defined so that the frequency of diaper washing is about 3 times a week.
  • Une fois le kit livré chez vous, nous convenons d’un moment pour un appel vidéo durant lequel nous vous expliquons tout sur le fonctionnement du kit et de la location.
  • During the rental period, we will answer your questions by phone or email to make sure everything goes smoothly.
  • N’hésitez pas à consulter le blog Smarty Nappy pour trouver des conseils et des astuces sur l’utilisation des couches lavables pour que votre expérience soit la plus réussie possible!