Size chart

Which Hamac cloth diaper size should I choose?


Here is a diagram to help you choose the most suitable diaper size for your child.



If you doubt between two sizes, take the larger one, your child will wear it for longer.

If your child's weight is close to the upper tier, we recommend that you take the tallest size. Example: your baby weighs 8kg, you can take size L (9-17 kg) to optimise the duration of use.


A l’achat : Lorsque vous recevrez vos produits, pensez à essayer les couches à votre enfant avant de les laver. C’est indispensable pour pouvoir nous renvoyer la couche en vue d’un échange. Si les couches ont été lavées, nous ne pourrons pas vous les échanger.

For rental : when you receive your products, remember to try one diaper on your child and call us for validation. Do not use any diaper before you validate the size so that you can make a size change if necessary. If the nappies have been used, we will ask for a washing fee.


Compatibility of Hamac & Smarty Nappy absorbents with Hamac Cloth Diapers


  • Absorbent Size 1 = Diaper size S
  • Absorbent Size 2 = Diaper size M & L
  • Absorbent Size 3 = Diaper size XL