Everything about washing cloth nappies!

From the last few years of accompanying parents on their cloth nappy adventure, the main questions are about washing! So here is a suggested routine to adopt and some tips to help you :-). I say "suggested" because each family will have to adapt this routine to its own lifestyle and situation.

What is a cloth nappy liner for?

I notice that parents often tend to get confused between cloth nappy liner and insert... What is the difference between a washable nappy liner and the insert? "What is the purpose of the nappy liner?" We tell you all about the usefulness of cloth nappy liners!

Hamac or Thirsties? What is the difference? How to choose?

Would like to test our nappies but don't know what to choose? At Smarty Nappy we offer 2 types of waterproof covers from 2 different suppliers. The classic Hamac nappy and the Thirsties Duo Wrap cover. Why these ones? Because they are our favourites ! Here's what you need to know!

Petit tutoriel Smarty Nappy sur l’utilisation de la couche lavable écologique Hamac

Are you ready to switch to cloth nappies? This is a good thing: here's how to use HAMAC famous French brand cloth nappy. And it is available in Mauritius thanks to Smarty Nappy!

Comparative analysis between disposable and cloth diapers

Whether you are already convinced by cloth diapers or just curious, you inevitably ask yourself the question about the comparative advantage of one and the other. SMARTY NAPPY and Hamac have done it for you.