With washable diapers CONSUME SUSTAINABLY for a clean and beautiful Mauritius island With washable diapers PRESERVE THE HEALTH of our babies With washable diapers SAVE 40% from the first child New Supplier ! Thirsties - smartynappy

First cloth diaper rental service

in Mauritius

We use cloth nappies, we test them,

we control the origin and composition of the fabrics.

We assist you in your first steps or in your choice of purchases.

Our main concern is the health of our babies and the environment

Smarty Nappy will make you love cloth diapers.

About us

Welcome to the world of SMARTY NAPPY.

Smarty Nappy is a small social company committed to protecting the environment through small everyday actions. Founded by a mother of 3 children who has been using cloth diapers for more than 10 years, Smarty Nappy wants to help improve our babies' health and promote more sustainable consumption patterns, gentler with our environment.

Through our unique rental concept, we offer our experience and our best products to help you switch to washable diapers with ease and pleasure.

Our efforts were recently rewarded by the Southern Africa Startup Awards,

Smarty Nappy has received the "Best social impact startup" award in Mauritius.

A proof that our commitment matters and that we must keep up our efforts in this direction.

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Why cloth diapers?


5 good reasons to choose cloth diapers


From 0 to 3 years, 5000 disposable diapers are purchased, i.e. about Rs. 100,000. Choosing cloth diapers means saving up to 40% and more because the savings add up as the number of births increases, whether you decide to buy them or rent them!


A disposable diaper is made of plastic, glue, and even irritating and neurotoxic products!

Our cloth diapers are mainly made of Oeko Tex Standard 100 certified materials, absorbents are made of organic cotton or other natural fibers. They guarantee a healthy skin and preserved health for years to come.


From 0 to 3 years old, that's 1 ton of waste per child with disposable diapers!

Every year in Mauritius, about 20,000 tonnes of non-biodegradable waste is produced. With cloth diapers, only 2.5 kg of waste is generated per child within the same period.


Our cloth diapers are innovative, easy to use and to maintain.

They can be machine washed and dried very quickly.


Turn your babies into little stars, have fun with our pretty colours and prints.

Get the thiner and most beautiful diapers with us!


Our partners

Source, quality, comfort, environmental friendliness and design are some of our main concerns when selecting products and brands.

If possible, we manufacture our own products with best quality Mauritius-sourced materials to support our local economy, or import excellent products from carefully selected brands.

Our quality standards